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Why We Support British Manufacturing

British Manufacturing

Over the last 50 years, the textiles industry in Britain has been particularly hard hit. The number of people employed in the industry has fallen from 1.6million to just 50,000.

The industrial revolution saw the British textiles manufacturing industry boom. In the 1900s, British manufacturing peaked. However, during WW1, Britain was unable to export textiles and so other countries became more self-sufficient producing the likes of cotton on their own.

By the 1980s, Britain’s textile industry had almost disappeared. As demand for cheap clothing grew, people turned their backs on the few, more expensive UK factories and looked for cheap alternatives. Factories overseas provided an answer for cheaper clothing.

Therefore, it is more important now than ever that we support the remaining British Manufacturers and small businesses that use them. Patrick Grant, Judge on Great British Sewing Bee is a big supporter of British Manufacturing.

Grant launched his fashion brand Community Clothing with an aim of reigniting British clothing and textile manufacturing. He discussed that there is a massive decline of investment and skills in the industry. Resultantly, overseas fast fashion is taking over. He stated that “You can’t go to the high street and at an affordable price buy good quality basic stuff because the cheap end of fashion has dragged the middle end of fashion down in price.”

Grant believes that we need to invest in British manufacturing because “We have a big problem in this country with a growing wealth gap. Simple manufacturing isn't something of the past. Why do we have to do it somewhere else, we have the capacity to make it here and invest in the technology to bring it up to speed, instead of shipping things 7,000 miles across the planet.”

MBAC are proud supporters of British Manufacturing for our activewear. Our clothes are made in a small UK sports factory. The fabric is knitted in the UK, some of the yarns are made from recycled materials and the elastane is made in Ireland. For a small independent brand, it allows us to remain in control, knowing how much we are producing (reduce over production), know who makes our products and where the products are made.

The standard of our products is high quality. Durability is important to us and all products are made to last.

Visit us in Edinburgh, 140 Bruntsfield place here until Chritmas 2022 and 17 St Stephen St, until April 2023 or online

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