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The Magic of Pilates

Nearly 10 years of practising and I think I would be falling to pieces without Pilates. Running was always my go to, I could switch off and always felt more in control of my mind and body afterwards. But I have found Pilates to do the same and here is how:

I had been super fit super strong and very able to just get up and run. Then a car crash: breaking my hip, my leg and fracturing my pelvis. ouch! Life change and actually more than just life, my mind. Little did I know that I would discover magic along the way.

I started Pilates when I moved to Italy, not speaking more than a sentence in Italian but somehow I undestood. The class was small and I tried to explain why I had to be extra careful. Why lying on my side hurt, as one of my screws would slightly stick into the mat.

The impact of running wasn't what my body needed and I knew and still know this. Pilates allowed me to focus, it wasn't that get up and go feel but instead taught me to listen to my body. Slowly teaching me about control, focus and concentrating my movement from core strength.

I wanted to give back, the hours I had learnt about my body I wanted to spread the love for this magic by teaching. The magic I see happen, the improvement in posture, strengthening bodies to be more able. The power that balance can give to people of all ages encourages confidence and teaching people that movement can heal.

A misconception about Pilates, that it can be slow, just for women, or even just for the injured wanting to rehabilitate. Taught and practised right it should never be "easy" it is about learning about what your body needs. For example a runner would benefit from the ability to strengthen into glutes and core strength, it will help with the runners technique and help to avoid injuries.

Pilates really is for every 'body'! Move with precision, Control, Core focus, Balance and always strengthening and not forgetting flexibility. Finding a teacher that suits you is part of the process. There are so many online but find one in person too. The teacher can help you with your posture and alignment as well and help you to adapt to suit.

I teach online 3 times a week, I do it for the love. The love of watching my clients grow, there bodies a millimetre taller after every session, their heads held high and most of all the glow from endorphins that literally beam out.

Good luck, hope you find the magic too.

Anna C

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