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For many parents home schooling has become part of the norm. Teaching yourself, how to become a Teacher, the forever demands of snacks and the battle between making sure they get enough exercise and fresh air offset with screen time, whilst you go on an important work zoom call!

Phew! Just writing it down it feels like hard work. The Scottish schools have been back (younger years) for a few weeks now but many in England are set to start tomorrow. So as a parent now fully into the swing of the school run, the getting out the house with both kids dressed (but forgetting to even take my slippers off) here is my advice:

Week one, back to school means parents BREATH. With the new found freedom try and take some rest and time for yourself or your own work!

Simple steps to feel good but do it in your own pace:

Eat Well: stop grabbing the processed foods and take time to plan even your lunches, drink water more often and fuel your body with good nutrients including fruit and more vegetables.

Turn off: Rest your brain even if it is for 20 minutes, get off your phone, walk back and talk to friends (within the guidelines of covid of course!) and laugh because thats the best way to feel good.

Reflection: Look back on the past few months and appreciate how hard you have worked, how amazing your kids have been (even if your relieved)

Movement: because thats our topic, motivate yourself to move. Exercise is known to be great for mood boosting, stress reducing let a lone the physical benefits

Sleep Well: New Routines will help with this within the house, they certainly did here. But rest and a good sleep is important to reenergise the body. Get up early even 30 minutes before the kids.

Be Kind to yourself:and do something you haven't done for a while, that long shower without the kids needing you, painting your nails or even reading a book.

Give yourself a pat on the back and lets hope the kids can stay in school,

Anna C

MBAC Creator and Parent

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